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Astra 6X order just bright for sports

The latest Litepanels Astra 6X LED lights will shine on a lot of sports productions thanks to an order for 300 from California’s Bexel, which is upgrading its lighting inventory for rental to OB productions at outdoor sporting venues.

Lee Estroff, VP account development at Bexel, said: “The new Astra 6X panels are not only brighter, but they offer the versatility sports broadcasters need to light the announcers booth or just about any location for an on-camera shot or interview.”

“Litepanels lights have been in our inventory for more than five years, and their quality and reliability have made them highly popular with our clients,” added Estroff. The recently introduced bi-colour or daylight Astra 6X is 50 percent brighter than the first-generation Astra light and six times brighter than Litepanels’ original 1×1 panel, yet draws less power (105W) than its predecessor, allowing for longer battery run time.

It also delivers higher-quality colour rendering (with a TLCI of 95), and can be powered by professional camera batteries.