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Q& A: Andreas Tweitmann, CEO, RTW

Has IBC come at a good time for the electronic media industry? Why?

Yes, absolutely. Digital content is at top of mind for all right now and with that there has to be a new way of thinking. How to create, manage and share content with viewers in the best way possible while integrating modern technology is an obstacle we all face every day. Whether it’s a focus on creating in 4K, managing with cloud-computing or sharing on second screen devices, audio and video professionals must continue to work in tandem to solve issues they are facing. For RTW that means a continued focus on loudness standardisation to provide users with crisp, clear audio, across multiple disciplines, be it TV broadcast, radio, multi-screen multimedia, corporate and education as well. We are all in the business of media and IBC is always a good platform for the exchange of ideas.

What do you think are the key developments in, or threats to, your market sector at the current time?
Budgets continue to be tight, as are personnel among studios. We see customers all trying to do more with less. However, to truly do more now with an eye on what will continue to support efforts in the future, it’s imperative to make a sound investment in quality products and solutions. AT RTW, our business is audio and we feel very strongly that quality of audio should not be sacrificed at the sake of challenges. That’s why we have made such a commitment to offer innovative, easy-to-use, affordable metering solutions to customers at all ends of the audio spectrum.

Why should delegates visit your stand at IBC?

RTW has been a leader in audio metering innovation for nearly 50 years, and for many, we have become their industry standard, a trusted company they turn to when new loudness challenges arise. We have had some wonderful, positive changes so far this year and we are eager to share our new introductions with our friends old and new at the IBC show. Earlier this year we launched the RTW Masterclass PlugIns Loudness Tools software and the TM3-Primus both of which are on display for the first time at IBC. We will also have a few new introductions and updates throughout our software, smart and premium product categories. RTW is very much a proponent of loudness standardisation and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas with others who are close to this issue.