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AirBox evolved

Neo and CloudAir are making their show debut at IBC2016.

PlayBox Neo is an evolutionary software upgrade building on the established AirBox modular playout server. Neo retains all the standard features of AirBox including the ability to preschedule programmes, interstitials and commercials or switch from automated to live transmission.

PlayBox Neo adds UHD compatibility, enabling broadcasters to schedule and transmit content in UHD, HD or SD from a single easy-to-use graphic interface.

CloudAir builds on the long experience PlayBox has had in allowing customers to control remote playout servers via IP from wherever they choose to locate their headquarters.

CloudAir carries this concept further, offering established broadcasters or new-start entrepreneurs unsurpassed freedom in the style and scale of their operation and in the way they fund their business.

Pavlin Rahnev, CEO, PlayBox Technology, said: “We set ourselves the ambitious goal of designing the future of broadcast playout.

That required a dual-strategy approach to meet the demand both from traditional broadcasters who like to retain full control over their technical infrastructure, and from channel managers keen to employ third-party services. The results were PlayBox Neo and CloudAir respectively.”