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The future of live production: Exclusive ebook now available 

Exclusive new ebook from TVBEurope and Vizrt explores the future of live production in the cloud, and how NDI® is enabling new capabilities for broadcasters 

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A brand new ebook from TVBEurope and Vizrt takes broadcasters and content producers inside the fast-evolving world of live production, and how cloud-based solutions are inspiring and enabling new forms of creativity and capability.

In his opening commentary, Vizrt product marketing manager Ryan Hughes explains that the sky’s the limit for broadcasters when it comes to the creativity that cloud solutions now bring. He says that momentum has been steadily building for advanced, remote-friendly cloud-based live production tools, and that in 2021, the technology’s evolution reached a tipping point as broadcasters began giving the new cloud video paradigm the attention and respect it deserves.

Sky UK’s David Travis, speaking at the AWS M&E Symposium in 2021, offered a testimonial to the benefits of cloud production when he stated that the broadcaster loves it “because we can test new things, fall fast, learn from it, and go again until you get it right.”

This ebook guides broadcasters through the creative freedoms, rewards, and competitive advantages that they can expect once they uncouple from their legacy on-premise video facilities and embrace live production solutions. And it does so by observing case studies such as how Media.Monks pivots to scalable cloud production with Vizrt’s live production solution, to ATP Media serving an ace in cloud-based live production for the ATP Tour, and Sky Sports Germany choosing cloud and Vizrt to deliver real-time 5GBundesliga Handball.

Ulrich Voigt, vice president, product management at Vizrt, being interviewed for the ebook, states that the Sky Germany handball production gives us a glimpse of how broadcasters might work in the future; operating with less equipment with fewer people on-site. He also points to last year’s COP26 climate conference as an example of the environmental benefits of cloud production.

“Sky UK’s coverage of the COP26 climate conference was done using Vizrt products, including NDI,” he says. “For nine hours of production in the cloud, Sky calculated that it generated nine kilograms of CO², while the same production using legacy, physical equipment on prem would have been 119 kg of carbon”

There are many benefits to be found for broadcasters in cloud production solutions, and the capabilities are already being demonstrated. Indeed, as the ebook states, Sky has projected that a sporting event as big as England’s Premier League football season could be produced entirely in the cloud within the next five years.

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