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Nine in ten European TV execs call for change in advertising metrics

Report conducted by Adobe Advertising Cloud, Sky, TV Beat and Alphonso

A new study has found that 93 per cent of European TV executives believe urgent change is required for advertising measurement, data and metrics.

The report, conducted by Adobe Advertising Cloud, Sky, TV Beat and Alphonso, asked 300 TV executives across Europe about the current state of the industry.

It also found:

  • 72 per cent believe that the industry must seek new definitions and common principles for ad viewability
  • 64 per cent believe standardised definitions for TV and video impressions must be developed
  • 72 per cent believe the European TV industry must enrich TV Audience Measurement (TAM) with additional data sets beyond age and gender
  • 93 per cent say new initiatives for TV advertising measurement, data and metrics are urgently needed if the European TV industry is to remain competitive

Jamie West, deputy managing director, Sky Media, commented“With the TV industry in the midst of so much change, the time to start these conversations and agree on common metrics, standards and definitions is absolutely now. By working together, the industry can ensure cross platform campaigns are simple as possible for advertisers to buy, measure and report on, which will also encourage new advertisers and revenue into the industry.”