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Netflix named America’s fastest-growing brand of 2019

Value grew by 105 per cent over the past year to $21.2 billion

A Brand Finance report has named Netflix as America’s fastest-growing brand of 2019.

Netflix’s brand value grew by 105 per cent over the past year to $21.2 billion, while Disney (fresh from the acquisition of 21st Century Fox) saw its value grow 40 per cent to $45.7 billion.

However, Amazon retained the top spot with 25 per cent growth to $187.9 billion, followed by Apple ($153.6 billion) and Google ($142.8 billion).

Brand Finance CEO David Haigh said: “Netflix delivers high-quality and varied programming to anyone with internet access and a credit card.

“The platform has embarked on a disruptive approach to media services and now has incumbents in the market looking over their shoulder.”

Valuation director Alex Haigh added: “Our Brand Finance US 500 2019 study reveals little rotation among ranking leaders, and it is undeniable that tech brands have staked their claim at the top.

“We have witnessed Amazon’s steady climb over the years, as the brand reached for dominance in all sectors that it ventures into.”