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Disney Plus could have 7.6 million UK subscribers

Only two per cent of Netflix users are considering leaving the service for the Disney platform

Up to 7.6 million UK viewers have indicated interest in Disney Plus, Goldmedia Research has found.

The research also revealed that UK VoD users subscribe to an average of two streaming services, for a maximum of around £17 per month, and that exclusive content will become ever more important.

According to Goldmedia, 59 per cent of UK consumers have heard about the new streaming service ahead of its launch on 24th March. Around 35 per cent of VoD users said they would use the service.

Most potential customers (71 per cent) responded that they would add Disney Plus to their existing subscriptions, while 29 per cent would cancel another subscription.

However this is unlikely to affect Netflix; only 2 per cent of Netflix users are considering leaving the service for Disney Plus, compared with 9.7 per cent of NowTV users and 7 per cent of Prime Video users.

The report also found:

  • 16.2 per cent would switch service based on content exclusivity
  • 15.8 per cent would use “password sharing”
  • 9.2 per cent of users would switch to advertising-financed platforms
  • 8.5 per cent of VoD users would revert to illegal streaming if the content they want to watch is not available on the services they are subscribed to

“New streaming offers make the overall market more attractive,” said Dr Florian Kerkau, Goldmedia Research MD. “This will also be reflected in a strong increase in usage. In addition to Disney Plus, we expect further leading companies to enter the market in 2020. That will make streaming even more successful overall.”

Meanwhile in the US, Disney Plus has already racked up 29 million paid subscribers in less than three months. By comparison, Netflix has 167 million subscribers globally; 61 million of them in the US.