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Coronavirus pandemic sees shift in primetime peak viewing

Conviva finds 40 per cent increase in daytime viewing

The coronavirus pandemic has seen a shift in primetime peak viewing around the world, according to Conviva’s Streaming in the Time of Coronavirus report.

Comparing the week 17th-23rd March to two weeks prior, viewing was spread more evenly across more hours of the day, the report explains:

  • Daytime viewing hours of 10am-5pm rose by nearly 40 per cent overall
  • Primetime viewing experienced a drop in time spent, with 8-11pm down two per cent
  • Off-hours viewing spilled into early morning hours which were up 26 per cent, and early fringe up 20 per cent

Conviva added that global streaming jumped more than 20 per cent compared to two weeks prior, and nearly 15 per cent versus the previous week. Streaming in Europe was up 2.2 per cent, with larger increases in recent days with the launch of Disney Plus.

“Television has long been a way to connect – a plugged-in friend when one might otherwise feel disconnected,” said the report. “In these dire times, we’ve seen many turning to their old friend in new ways. Staying home means tuning in – to get informed, pass the time, and stay connected. This crisis has offered a worldwide reset on the way people relate to each other.

“As we weather the storm, people will perhaps see their face-to-face relationships in a new light, but our ability to remain connected via social media is likely valued now more than ever. In the best of times, streaming and social media add value to our daily lives. In this moment, the choice of information or distraction is a welcome one. But either is the correct choice for those of us following the moral imperative to stay home.”