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Broadcast TV still accounts for almost a third of our video day

UK viewers are still watching 4 hours and 42 minutes of TV a day

New figures from Thinkbox TV reveal UK viewers are still sticking with broadcast TV.

The company’s annual video donut chart pulls together industry data from BARB, comScore and TouchPoints in order to provide a like-for-like viewing time comparison across all forms of video.

2019’s chart reveals “broadcaster” TV accounts for 68 per cent of UK viewers’ video day.

It also shows all viewers are spending an average of 4 hours and 42 minutes a day watching content, with that figure dropping slightly among 16-34-year-olds, who are watching for 4 hours and 13 minutes.


Matt Hill, research and planning director, Thinkbox, tells TVBEurope that the way viewers consume TV continues to evolve: “Viewing to live ‘as scheduled’ TV declined by five per cent in 2019, whilst viewing to recorded or broadcaster VoD services grew by 15 per cent, the net effect being a 0.5 per cent total TV decline.”