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British quiz OTT service preparing for launch

IQTV will focus entirely on “brainy British quiz shows”

Three industry executives have joined forces to launch IQTV, a British quiz SVoD service.

Marc-Antoine d’Halluin, formerly head of Zodiak, Rod Henwood, who led Banijay’s UK arm, and Nick James, former Sky and Lovefilm exec, have teamed up to build InQuisiTiVe Media, and will look to launch IQTV in July.

InQuisiTiVe has already confirmed deals with BBC Worldwide, Banijay and Channel 4 to provide a launch lineup of over 100 titles, including Countdown, Mastermind and The Weakest Link.

“Intelligent quiz shows represent an attractive, untapped genre for a niche SVoD service,” said Henwood. “They have significant and very loyal audiences, their brands are enduring, their hosts are highly recognisable with a strong social media following.”

The service will launch at a price of £3.49 per month, and Henwood and his partners already have eyes on extending beyond the UK. “We’re interested in developing intelligent quiz show offerings in other markets,” he said.

“We want to create a quiz ecology for lovers of the shows and brain games. We think it’s very scalable.”