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Vodafone goes negative on Telefónica’s Disney Plus deal

Mobile operator warned of "covert exclusivity"

Vodafone has raised a complaint with Spain’s National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) over Telefónica’s carriage deal with Disney Plus.

The deal sees Disney Plus launching on Telefónica’s Movistar+ platform on 24th March, a move that Vodafone fears will delay the implementation of its own agreement with Disney.

According to Invertia, the mobile operator warned of “covert exclusivity” since Telefónica could host exclusive content while deals with other operators are being finalised.

Vodafone has reportedly called for the CNMC to take action and for a “fair and balanced” assessment of the situation.

The announcement by Telefónica and Disney pointed to the “long relationship between the two companies… offering a unique opportunity for Movistar customers.”