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Pixotope plans complete virtual production platform following camera tracking acquisition

Company has acquired Cologne-based TrackMen, which offers a range of real-time 3D camera and talent tracking solutions

Virtual production company Pixotope is planning to develop a complete virtual production platform, including graphics, camera tracking and talent tracking, following its acquisition of real-time 3D camera and talent tracking company TrackMen.

Pixotops said the acquisition is a “major step forward” for the media industry, and will make it easier than ever for artists to successfully match the virtual camera to the real camera in virtual production scenarios – absolutely critical for achieving the hyper-realistic visuals audiences demand.

Cologne-based TrackMen offers a range of real-time 3D camera and talent tracking solutions covering all types of production based on a common software platform.

“We’re incredibly proud to announce the integration of TrackMen solutions into the Pixotope product portfolio,” said Marcus Brodersen, Pixotope CEO. “Camera tracking is reported as one of the major barriers to the adoption of virtual production. By integrating camera tracking into our graphic tools, we are taking a quantum leap forward in making virtual production more accessible to media creators.”

“At TrackMen our passion has always been innovating and engineering the best possible tracking solutions,” added Thorsten Mika, managing partner of TrackMen Gmbh. “In joining the Pixotope team, we’re able to devote our collective resources and areas of expertise to the continued evolution of virtual production tools with educational programmes and services that enable media professionals to successfully embrace the enormous creative opportunities this technology has to offer.”