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Pixel Power: Dynamic Automated Graphics Generation

Dynamic Automated Graphics Generation, a white paper from Pixel Power is available now from NewBay Connect.

Dynamic Automated Graphics Generation, a white paper from Pixel Power, is available now from NewBay Connect. Pixel Power develops, distributes and supports the technologies and solutions that media companies rely on to create their on-air identity, enhance their content with graphics, and deliver their services.

The company’s white paper focuses on:

How automating the graphic generation process can reduce the cost of creating multiple unique channel graphic;

Why effortlessly creating additional channel graphics improves channel identity and retention figures;

How to increase the ability to respond to late schedule changes creating graphics not previously possible with manual turnaround.

The paper opens: ‘Effective branding and promotional graphics (channel graphics) are essential in today’s competitive broadcasting landscape in order to provide clear channel identity and also to differentiate output. Not only that, but informative graphics also play a vital role in enhancing viewer “stickiness”.’

It identifies two of the key cost and manpower issues associated with graphics as: ‘wasting valuable post-production time and effort individually creating multiple channel graphics for an ever-increasing number of channels and; broadcasters having problems coping with late changes to the schedule, these having the potential to be error prone and sometimes impossible to complete within the timeframe.’

The document from Pixel Power then goes on to explore how broadcasters can make the generation and playout of their most fundamental graphics as cost-effective as possible while maintaining maximum flexibility.

The white paper can be downloaded in full from NewBay Connect, a digital resource centre for professionals within the broadcast, professional AV and pro audio markets. It offers registered members the most comprehensive online depository of white papers, analyst reports, case studies, briefings, tutorials and more.