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Liberty Media boss reveals attempt to buy Netflix

John Malone reveals he attempted to acquire the streamer back in the late 2000s

John Malone, chairman of Liberty Media, has revealed he tried to buy Netflix ten years ago.

At the time Malone was chairman of DirecTV in the US.

“I tried to buy Netflix from Reed Hastings when the stock was eight bucks, but he wouldn’t sell it to me. You know, damn that bad luck,” he told CNBC.

“I tried very hard to buy Netflix for DirecTV. Reed was pretty clear that his ambitions were to build a much bigger global company. And he was right to do that,” added Malone.

Malone went on to pay tribute to what Hastings and his fellow Big Tech have accomplished in recent years: “Jeff Bezos is a genius with what he’s created. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have been masterful. These are brilliant businessmen who have seized an opportunity, seen the power of global scale, and have exploited it,” Malone said.