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Eutelsat invests €10 million in Broadpeak

Eutelsat's investment represents a consideration of approximately 20 per cent

Eutelsat Communications has announced a €10 million investment in CDN company Broadpeak.

Eutelsat’s investment in Broadpeak is said to further its strategy to integrate satellite into the IP ecosystem, following the launch of hybrid satellite-OTT solution Eutelsat CIRRUS in September 2018.

Eutelsat and Broadpeak will pool their technological resources to expand their respective portfolios of services, while working together on projects aimed at integrating satellite technology into 5G.

Jean-Hubert Lenotte, Eutelsat chief strategy and resources officer, said: “We are delighted to partner with Broadpeak with whom we have been working since 2015. This association with a recognised and innovative leader in video content delivery solutions will enable us to expand our offer in this area.

“Following the launch of Eutelsat CIRRUS last September, this investment reflects our strategy to accelerate the integration of IP and satellite technologies by expanding the portfolio of technological solutions available to our broadcast customers to distribute content to viewers across multiple channels.”