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Arqiva launches new Central Processing Platform

Scalable platform designed to "bridge the gap between channel and provider"

Arqiva has launched a new Central Processing Platform to aid channel delivery within the broadcast industry.

The scalable platform is designed to bridge the gap between channel or content and provider, handling the content aggregation, technical processing and delivery of new channels in a single place.

Arqiva said it will acquire and aggregate the target channels into a single feed and process everything in the specific formats to suit their requirements – rather than them having to ‘collect’ all the content themselves.

Alex Pannell, commercial director, satellite and media at Arqiva, said: “In today’s data-driven TV market, deep insights offer exciting opportunities to tailor services, packages and content to audience tastes and expectations. But the broadcast industry has to be able to respond quickly and nimbly if it wants to take full advantage of this.

“Through Arqiva’s Central Processing Platform, customers will have access to thousands of channels, from every corner of the globe – all already processed and primed for delivery from one central location – so they can continue to build their business to match evolving demand.”