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US news network to use AI to ‘personalise’ content for viewers

“We believe our AI-native approach to creating content is the biggest shift in the media landscape since the transition from broadcast to VoD,” said Adam Mosam, founder of Channel 1

Channel 1, a US-based start-up founded by Tosh.0 producer Scott Zabielski and tech entrepreneur Adam Mosam, plans to launch a service by the end of 2023 that uses Generative AI to create “personalised” news networks customised to individual viewers’ tastes.

The company said its algorithm will streamline a person’s viewing “in a single experience replacing the hassle of endless searching and scrolling through news aggregators and social media feeds just to stay informed,” and says that it can create far more content than traditional networks because it is drawing from a wider variety of sources and perspectives than traditional network news.

Initial plans are to launch a 30-minute weekly programme via a FAST by the end of 2023 with plans to eventually produce 500-1000 segments daily via a fully personalised app that will launch on mobile and connected TV devices next year.

Channel 1’s programming will be created in “blended reality,” featuring a mix of real and generated imagery, videos and anchors. Each of Channel 1’s virtual news anchors is a fine-tuned LLM (large language model) with their own backstory, opinions, memories and appearance to provide maximum appeal across key demographics, the company said. News stories will be sourced and generated in a multitude of languages allowing the network to serve a truly global audience, said the company.