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‘Every single’ Amazon team is working with generative AI says CEO

Andy Jassy told investors AWS and the company's entertainment division are exploring how the technology can help it be "more cost-effective and streamlined" in how it runs its business

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has revealed “every single” team within the company is currently working with generative AI during his Q2 2023 earnings call with analysts.

Jassy told the analysts “every single one” of Amazon’s businesses has “multiple generative AI initiatives going right now”.

He added that generative AI can help Amazon become “more cost-effective and streamlined in how we run operations and various businesses, to the absolute heart of every customer experience in which we offer”

“It’s true in our AWS business, [..] it’s true in all our devices — and you can just imagine what we’re working on with respect to Alexa there — it’s true in our entertainment businesses… every single one,” continued Jassy. “It is going to be at the heart of what we do. It’s a significant investment and focus for us.”

In June, AWS announced plans to invest $100 million into an AWS Generative AI Innovation Center, which will connect AWS AI and machine learning experts with customers around the globe to help them envision, design, and launch new generative AI products, services, and processes.

AWS has also welcomed 21 companies into its first generative AI accelerator cohort, looking at how the technology can be used to create clips for social media, generate avatar animations and uncover deepfakes.