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MetaisBeta showcases viable virtual cinematic tech

The video aimed to show cinematic realism can be achieved using virtual production technology

MetaisBeta LLC has demonstrated the viability of accessible virtual cinematic technology.

The television producer has released a proof-of-concept video featuring scenes from The Pale, a series set in 18th-century Poland and Russia.

Supervised by Savannah College of Art and Design professor, Joerg Schodl, a team of six created and executed the sets, lighting and camera shots using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

The actors were scanned as MetaHumans and motion capture suits were used to record their performances. Costumes were created using Marvelous Designer.

The video aimed to demonstrate that photo-realistic cinematics can be produced for significantly less cost than conventional methods, said the company.

Ira Fuchs, writer/producer of the series, said, “We set out to raise the bar for the quality of cinematic realism that can be achieved using cost-effective, virtual production technology. Our intent was to exceed the excellent production values demonstrated in that work.”

The video can be viewed here.