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YouTube retires Leanback interface

"Represents a significant blow for home theatre PC users"

YouTube is retiring its TV-optimised browser interface ‘YouTube Leanback’ on 2nd October, as it shifts emphasis onto its native TV apps.

Variety reports that the interface was “never meant to be used by uncertified devices, which weren’t capable of supporting all of its features.”

First launched nine years ago, Leanback has evolved into a de facto workaround for device manufacturers unable to strike deals with Google; Amazon used Leanback to access YouTube on Fire TV devices before the two companies eventually settled their dispute earlier this year.

According to Variety: “This represents a significant blow for home theatre PC users, who use their PCs as primary streaming devices in their living rooms. While they will still be able to access YouTube with those devices, they won’t have an interface optimised for browsing the service from the comfort of their couch anymore.”