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Youfone adds QYou to OTT service

Best-of-web' content will "meet the tastes" of Youfone consumers

Youfone has added QYou’s slate of ‘best-of-web’ video content to its OTT service, YoufoneTV.

The Dutch service targets the 18-39 demographic, and believes QYou’s channel will “meet the tastes” of its consumers.

Tim Seegers, content manager, YoufoneTV said: “Millennials are on the move all the time and comfortable with using a range of devices. YoufoneTV is therefore designed for a highly mobile audience with a multiscreen offering that suits their lifestyles.

“For Youfone to be successful we need to feature entertainment that reflects the tastes and interests of our younger customers – QYou’s channel helps us do exactly that.”

The Netherlands is one of the world’s most advanced markets for digital-first content, with Dutch creators collectively accounting for almost three billion views per month on YouTube alone.

The deal marks QYou Media’s fifth agreement in two years within the Netherlands.

Curt Marvis, CEO and co-founder, QYou Media added: “There is no doubt that the Netherlands is leading the world when it comes to evolving content strategies that meet the needs of millennial audiences.

“This is shown clearly by the fact this is our fifth agreement in the country in the last two years. We’re really excited to work with Youfone to introduce more Dutch viewers to the never-dull, always-entertaining world of QYou.”