Wuaki.tv expands with Conviva

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Video-on-demand service Wuaki.tv has partnered with Conviva to deliver a video streaming service across new regions of its service deployment, with the aim of expanding its services across Europe.

The Spanish streaming service was looking to achieve greater understanding of the regional viewing behaviour within these new territories, as well as the intelligence to diagnose service interruptions in realtime.

Wuaki.tv will use Conviva Precision to provide a experience to its customers via tablets, consoles and connected TVs. Conviva continuously collects video metrics from hundreds of millions of devices across Europe within its Intelligent Control Platform. By analysing these metrics, Precision executes realtime streaming decisions for each individual viewer to deliver video over existing internet streaming infrastructure.

Wuaki.tv will also utilise Conviva Insights, providing realtime diagnostics of each individual viewer’s experience, across all devices, to identify potential issues that may affect the viewing experience.

“Wuaki.tv, like all of our customers, is facing increasing pressure to meet higher and higher user expectations for quality of experience,” stated Ian Franklyn, general manager, EMEA for Conviva. “When preparing for expansion, it becomes critical for popular services like Wuaki.tv to be in a position to guarantee a TV-quality service. Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform provides the basis to scale a high-quality internet TV business.”