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UKTV Play sees almost 40 per cent increase in views during 2018

Service generated over 140 million views and attracted 1.8 million registered users

UKTV’s on-demand service UKTV Play saw an increase of 38 per cent in views during 2018 compared to the previous year.

The service had 140 million views across all platforms; and since UKTV introduced mandatory registration, over 1.8 million users have signed up to the service, a third of whom are aged 16-34.

UKTV Originals were the most popular shows on UKTV Play with episodes of Taskmaster, Judge Romesh and Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier taking the top three spots. They also appealed to a young demographic with 69 per cent of registered viewers who watched Taskmaster being aged 16-34, 45 per cent for Judge Romesh and 63 per cent for Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier. In addition, Yianni Supercar Customiser, drew in a large 16-34-year-old audience with 68 per cent of viewers falling into this age range.

In 2018, UKTV Play launched on Now TV and Roku streaming players, Freesat, Samsung TV and Go Media.

Darren Childs, UKTV CEO, said: “Our strategy of creating distinctive, ambitious and compelling new shows is continuing to pay off. I’m incredibly proud that for the first time, UKTV Originals were the top rating shows on six of UKTV’s channels and on UKTV Play last year. 

“The breadth and depth of our channels offer a rich mix of opportunities for advertisers, and UKTV Play, which generated over 140 million views and attracted 1.8 million registered users in 2018, provides a data rich environment for targeted advertising.”