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UKTV Play passes 5 million registered users

Across its linear channels, UKTV's network share grew by 4 per cent to achieve 4.80 per cent

UKTV’s streaming service attracted over 5.4 million registered users during 2021, the broadcaster has revealed.

The company said its monetisable views to content on UKTV Play increased by 34 per cent year-on-year, while a million new users registered to use the service.

Top performing shows on UKTV included Annika, The Cockfields, Secrets of The London Underground and Late Night Mash.

Across its linear channels, UKTV’s network share grew by 4 per cent to achieve 4.80 per cent, while Drama celebrated its best year on record, up 11 per cent in share of viewing.

UKTV‘s CEO, Marcus Arthur, said: UKTV experienced strong growth in 2020 and to continue that momentum through 2021 is an incredible achievement.

 “In 2021 we also launched UKTV’s new digital content strategy with bespoke short-form commissions airing on Dave’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, acting as a gateway for younger viewers to engage with the brand and access our shows,” he added.

 “As we look forward to 2022, we will continue UKTV’s growth trajectory by working closely with domestic and international production partners, investing smartly in content, and expanding the footprint of our much-loved brands.”