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UHD Alliance releases consumer specifications

The UHD Alliance has released its specifications for consumer UHD

The UHD Alliance has released its specifications for consumer UHD.

The intra-industry organisation, which aims to standardise the Ultra HD ecosystem, has also unveiled a logo to identify devices capable of displaying Ultra HD content.

The group has estimated that the Ultra HD market will grow to around eight times its current size by 2019.

“Key characteristics of a robust next generation experience should offer 4K resolution as well as a mix of other features that include high dynamic range, wide colour gamut, high frame rate and immersive audio, among other features,” the Alliance said.

The UHD Alliance has outlined three specifications covering the entertainment ecosystem – categorised as devices, distribution and content.

In order for a device to receive the UHD Alliance premium logo, the device must meet various minimum requirements:

– Colour bit depth: ten-bit signal
– Colour palette (wide colour gamut)
– Signal input: BT.2020 colour representation
– Display reproduction: more than 90 per cent of P3 colours
– High dynamic range
– A combination of peak brightness and black level either more than 1,000 nits peak brightness and less than 0.05 nits black level, or more than 540 nits peak brightness and less than 0.0005 nits black level

Both the Alliance’s content master and distribution channels must support:

– Image resolution: 3840×2160
– Colour bit depth: minimum ten-bit signal
– Colour: BT.2020 colour representation
– High dynamic range: SMPTE ST2084 EOTF

As a further recommendation, the UHD Alliance suggested a minimum of 100 per cent of P3 colours for display reproduction, a peak brightness of over 1,000 nits, and a black level of less then 0.03 nits.