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Telefónica opens 360-degree video lab

Students will develop projects designed to engage young audiences

Telefónica has teamed up with the Centre for Image and Multimedia Technology (CITM) and the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya to launch the first 360-degree video lab in Catalonia, where students will develop immersive audiovisual projects in the areas of sport, entertainment or advertising.

Opening in February 2020, the 360-degree video facilities will allow viewers to adopt a first-person immersive point of view, enabling users to explore new narrative forms to engage young audiences accustomed to consuming content via non-traditional media.

Six multi-disciplinary teams will spend four months developing projects to be evaluated by a committee of experts from the project’s partners, including Movistar and Telefónica. The students will also present their work at, Telefónica’s open innovation platform.