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Streaming service Pluto TV launches in the UK

Available via Now TV and Roku

Free US streaming service Pluto TV has launched in the UK via Roku and Now TV.

In the US, Pluto TV offers over 100 channels covering independent film, sports and entertainment. It is supported by advertising.

Pluto TV’s new European headquarters will be in Berlin, Germany, with Olivier Jollet as managing director Europe.

“The launch of Pluto TV in Europe is a monumental achievement as we actively pursue our mission of entertaining the planet,” said Pluto TV CEO and co-founder Tom Ryan. “Olivier and his team have worked tirelessly to develop and launch Pluto TV in the UK with the perfect mix of our unique channel offerings, content partners, and features, all adapted to meet the sensibilities and affinities of the local audience. This is an exciting next chapter for Pluto TV on a global scale.”

“Our vision is to generate highly engaging viewing experiences and to offer our viewers a diverse yet customised experience on connected TV screens,” Jollet added. “Pluto TV’s ad funded model opens the door for advertisers to reach a digital first viewership not reached via classic TV advertising. At the same time, content producers who are not yet on television get the chance to shine on the TV screen.”