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Sony unveils on-demand digitisation service MemnonBox

Helps customers to monetise their archives and generate new content at lower costs

Sony’s digitisation company Memnon has unveiled on-demand service MemnonBox.

The latest addition to Sony Intelligent Media Services (IMS), the new in-mail e-commerce service delivers digitisation for smaller projects. According to Sony, MemnonBox helps customers to monetise their archives and generate new content at lower costs.

Customers can select and order a package from MemnonBox including box-packing material and barcodes to fill with archives they wish to convert. The box can either be collected by Memnon or dropped off at a logistics partner shop, located across Europe.

Head of Memnon Baku Morikuni said: “Having served the largest collections and archives around the world, we saw an opportunity to deliver high-quality professional format digitisation for smaller projects on-demand in the most convenient and simple way.

“We’ve ultimately applied our learnings and expertise at Memnon to deliver a tailored offering that brings our high-quality service to a much wider audience and helps organisations unlock unique legacy content in new environments.”

Head of Sony IMS Stuart Almond added: “The launch of MemnonBox is yet another great example of how the Sony IMS division is offering agile and scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of any organisation or institution and help them add value to their content.”