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RTL employs Bitmovin’s Player to streamline online platforms

Bitmovin’s Player provides subsidiary CBC with a single solution for all platforms

Mediengruppe RTL Germany has adopted Bitmovin’s Player to streamline its online offering.

Bitmovin’s Player provides CBC with a single solution for all platforms, reducing custom development for each web browser, Android or Apple device.

Based on an API approach, Bitmovin’s Player lets users access custom user interfaces, employ Digital Rights Management support for premium, encrypted content, integrate Bitmovin Analytics to monitor performance and have access to full-feature advertising support.

“Today’s consumers want to watch content not only on TV screens but also on mobile devices. We needed a solution that enables us to deliver a broadcast quality of experience for premium content and commercials, without compromising on content protection features,” said Andreas Schmeiler, head of software development, online services at CBC. “Bitmovin’s feature-rich player provides the backbone to our custom video players, and saves us from major investment into building our own solutions.”