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Portugal’s NOS thinks outside the box

Metrological to integrate OTT apps and services

Portuguese cable operator NOS is working with Metrological to integrate a variety of OTT offerings, via a TV apps store, for its new UMA TV platform.

Under the agreement, NOS will integrate OTT alongside its traditional pay-TV offering using Metrological’s Application Platform, WPE (Web Platform for Embedded) browser and WPE cloud architecture.

The Metrological Application Platform and WPE consist of an open source browser and framework architecture with software plugins. WPE helps operators to deploy high performance rendering of HTML5 apps, next-generation integrated UX and third-party services a set-top box.

Pedro Bandeira, head of development at NOS, said it’s important to employ an architecture that ensures that OTT services are not delivered to set-tops in in separate silos, but are seamlessly integrated into the operator’s interface/navigation and search platform.

“It’s a full experience, a full package,” Bandeira said, adding that NOS’s new hybrid set-top box platform “offers us the flexibility to do such a move.”