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Internet carriers deny “throttling” online video

Study suggests violation of net neutrality

A US study has found irregularity in internet carriers suppressing traffic from video services.

The report by Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts Amherst revealed that AT&T “throttled” Netflix 70 per cent of the time over the last year.

The carrier also slowed YouTube 74 per cent of the time, but had no throttling effect on Amazon Prime Video.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile throttled Amazon Prime Video in 51 per cent of cases, but not at all for Skype.

However, the internet carries have denied any such activity. “We don’t throttle, discriminate, or degrade network performance based on content,” said AT&T spokesman Jim Greer.

“We offer customers choice, including speeds and features to manage their data. This [study] fails to account for a user’s choice of settings or plan that may affect speeds.”