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Intelsat renews Globecast deal, adds Spanish HD channel

Intelsat has renewed its deal with Globecast that will see the global solutions provider continue distribution of two France 24 channels.

It has also added a brand new Spanish-speaking HD channel via Intelsat 21.

Under the new, multi-year expanded agreement, Globecast will distribute three channels – English, French and Spanish-speaking – to cable operators across the US and Canada.

“To increase our global footprint and reach new viewers with a higher quality of content, we need a reliable, expansive distribution network that can effectively tap into different regions of the world,” said Philippe Bernard, Globecast Group CEO.

“Continuing our partnership with Intelsat and leveraging the highly penetrated Intelsat 21 video neighbourhood will enable us to deliver France 24 optimal coverage and access to more viewers in the Americas and Canada.”