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Every major US TV network “will have a streaming service by 2022”

Prediction comes from report by The Diffusion Group

Every major US TV channel will have launched its own streaming service by 2022 according to a new report from The Diffusion Group.

It predicts every channel will have moved into the DTC space with “stand-alone, single-brand subscription offerings in which a TV Network brand such as HBO or CBS can bypass traditional gatekeepers and engage the end user directly.”

It will mean consumers will be able to purchase content on an “a la carte basis” without the need for package bundles offered by pay-TV services.

The report found that 63 per cent of US consumers would prefer to build their own programming selection independently. Only 19 per cent said they want to pick from preset packages and 18 per cent said they had no preference. 

”Major networks will increasingly reserve their best titles for their own direct-to-consumer services, which will help drive total network DTC subscriptions close to 50 million by 2022,” said report author Mike Berkley.