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BT’s NOW TV integration is a “long overdue move”

Analyst Paolo Pescatore calls offering "a last ditch effort to be successful in TV"

BT has announced the integration of Sky’s NOW TV into its BT TV platform, in a move that one analyst has called “long overdue.”

The integration allows BT TV users to watch, pause, rewind and record Sky Entertainment and Sky Sports content. “Aggregation is the holy grail,” said PP Foresight analyst Paolo Pescatore. “BT has done a superb job of introducing some novel features and bringing together key services all in one place. This will strongly resonate with users.

“However, it is unlikely to pose a considerable threat to Sky who in turn will be able to bundle BT Sport into its own packages. In the future expect BT’s new TV platform to be bundled with BT Halo which will further strengthen its premium convergent offering,” he added. “This long overdue move feels like a last ditch effort to be successful in TV.”

BT’s new 24-month packages will be launched on 21st February, giving customers the option to upgrade, downgrade and bolt-on to their monthly bundles. BT TV’s set-top box offers pause, rewind and recording functionality, along with the ability to watch BT TV in another room for £5 per month.

Regarding whether BT can stem the tide of cord-cutting, Pescatore said: “It is still early days. We have yet to see cord-cutting in the UK given that the pay-TV penetration is far lower compared to the US.

“The market is quickly evolving with greater focus on the user experience,” he added. “Whoever integrates a wide range of premium, original content and streaming video services the best will have a huge advantage over rivals.”