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UEFA invites start-ups to demonstrate technology

Includes ball-tracking and analysis on mobile, and interactive chat functionality for OTT platforms

UEFA has invited seven start-ups to demonstrate how their technology can enhance the game for both players and fans.

The UEFA Start-Up Challenge aims to use technology to cultivate innovation in the organisation. The chosen projects are:

• Second Spectrum – a state-of-the-art optical tracking and analytics platform
• Signality – a fully automated tracking data solution
• Snaptivity – uses AI to capture live fan moments
• WSC Sports – an AI-based platform that generates customised sports highlights at scale for digital platforms
• Formalytics – pioneering ball-tracking and analysis on a mobile phone
• LiveLike – an interactive chat functionality that integrates into OTT platforms
• My Coach Sport – a digital assistant for football coaches

The seven start-ups were granted access to live UEFA events and data to test the applicability of their technologies, allowing the organisation to tackle identified business needs.

“At UEFA, we need to create platforms for innovation, research and development as well as supporting the use of modern technologies and use of data in order to improve our business working model and create better engagement with our fans,” said Andrea Traverso, UEFA managing director of financial sustainability and research. “By doing this, we will be ensuring that the future of football stays healthy for our organisation and UEFA’s 55 national associations.”

“The UEFA Start-Up Challenge was not only a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a multicultural context, but also it gave us the opportunity to challenge ourselves in accelerating our own ideas,” added Thomas de Pariente, My Coach Sport director of strategy. “From well-expressed expectations, we were able to deliver within a three-month period an app fully adapted to UEFA’s needs.”

UEFA will now assess the performance of the start-ups during these tests along with business needs and strategic goals in order to determine the value of continuing the partnerships.