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Telestream announces ProRes RAW support in Switch

Switch allows users to convert media into lightweight formats for wide distribution

Telestream has announced that its multiformat video player and encoder, Switch, will include support for ProRes RAW.

Switch allows users to preview camera footage prior to converting it to other formats, trim video to save disk space, inspect and modify the file properties, and convert media into lightweight formats for wide distribution.

ProRes RAW increases performance and image quality, enabling access directly from a camera sensor’s pristine raw image data. ProRes RAW is designed to maintain constant quality and pristine image fidelity for every frame.

Shawn Carnahan, Telestream CTO, said: “Supporting Apple ProRes RAW in Switch means our customers can reap the benefits of powerful ProRes performance, in a format ideal for high-dynamic-range (HDR) content creation.

“With the introduction of ProRes RAW our Switch customers have everything they need in a professional cross-platform production tool – whether in the studio, the office, or even in the field.”