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Tedial marries AI to MAMs for sport production

SMARTLIVE will be showcased at the NAB Show

Tedial has developed a new live solution which marries Artificial Intelligence with a metadata engine.

SMARTLIVE has been built for live sport production, and supports an increased number of highlights, during or after an event, it also allows content to be delivered to a targeted audience via multiple platforms including social media.

The solution captures team, event and statistical data to build an event within its metadata engine. At the same time, it automatically creates the corresponding log sheets, player grids and the video feed capture schedule for the event. These are then all linked and organised in collections, which could allow an entire season of sports events to be prepared automatically in advance.

Tedial will showcase the solution at NAB Show where it will demonstrate the solution’s automatic highlight creation, integration with AI engines, and the automated publish feature with technology partner Tellyo.