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Supponor’s augmented reality technology scores with Southampton FC

Supponor partners with technology company ADI on the Virtual Hybrid digiboard system

Augmented reality company Supponor has partnered with technologists ADI to install a new Virtual Hybrid digiboard system at Southampton Football Club’s St Mary’s Stadium.

The Supponor technology allows special LED advertising boards to be overlayed digitally in the broadcast feed by different adverts.

The new 960mm high UEFA-compliant system is a significant upgrade to the club’s old technology, offering what the two companies describe as a future proof solution that will enable Southampton FC to compete at the highest level, whilst being ready to adopt the new virtual advertising standard.

A Virtual Hybrid system makes it possible to commercialise the same perimeter media space multiple times over.

Southampton FC’s commercial director, David Thomas, said “We’re excited to be one of the first clubs in English football to have a fully functioning Virtual Hybrid system. The market is clearly heading towards the adoption of virtual advertising, and there is definitely demand from sponsors. The ability to combine that functionality with a system that is UEFA compliant is extremely appealing to us.”

Supponor is already working with both the Bundesliga and the English FA to bring virtual advertising to a larger audience.