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Eutelsat unveils hybrid satellite-OTT delivery solution

CIRRUS provides satellite TV broadcasters with end-to-end video distribution combined with cloud-based service management

Eutelsat has announced the launch of CIRRUS, its new hybrid satellite-OTT delivery solution.

CIRRUS will provide a turnkey content delivery solution via satellite and OTT to operators seeking to launch or upgrade their service. 

It also gives satellite TV broadcasters end-to-end video distribution combined with cloud-based service management, and a multi-screen offer which complements the traditional DTH broadcast service with simultaneous OTT streaming through a native hybrid platform.

It will enable end-users to watch video content on devices such as mobile phones and tablets, access multiple programmes, record and rewind, access programme information, while providing business rules management and usage reporting for Eutelsat’s broadcast customers.

Eutelsat says CIRRUS is built on an “innovative roadmap guaranteeing product evolution and ensuring the delivery state-of-the-art features for viewers by enabling operators to integrate new features and maintain a competitive offer without the need for support or technical upgrades.”

“Eutelsat CIRRUS reinforces our value proposition in the video segment, which is at the core of our business. It will offer our customers the best of both worlds, combining the efficiency and reach of satellite with the convenience of OTT. It will free up broadcasters to focus on content and subscribers while Eutelsat takes care of the end-to-end logistics, accompanying them in maintaining their competitive edge in an increasingly complex environment,” said Gerry O’Sullivan, executive vice president, Global TV and Video at Eutelsat.