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Canal Digital employs Conax to secure new 4K service

Marks first delivery of Conax Lynx separation technology to protect content from "pirate in the box" attacks

Canal Digital is to use Conax Lynx isolation technology within its new Android-TV based entertainment service, OnePlace.

OnePlace will be able to implement a strict separation between the rich application environment and the premium content within the set-top box, using the Conax Lynx isolation technology which harnesses the openness and flexibility of the Android TV ecosystem.

The technology creates what Conax describes as a “Secure Media Pipeline (SMP)” where software hacks or so-called “pirate-in-the-box” attacks have no capability to manipulate or steal video content. 

SMP is a main component in the Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) requirements from MovieLabs to approve use of 4K/UHD content on a set-top box. 

Henke Erichsen, CTO of Canal Digital, said: “OnePlace is based on Android TV, and the open ecosystem will enable future innovation to the benefit of our customers. A number of suppliers, including Conax, have cooperated on developing the product. Conax’s contributions to the project have been vital in keeping content secure on the open ecosystem platform, and in ensuring that OnePlace complies with the strictest security requirements from content owners.”

Morten Solbakken, EVP and COO of the Kudelski Group (which owns Conax), added: “We have been working with Canal Digital from very early on and are delighted to be a part of the OnePlace project. We have been able to utilise our unique expertise on securing Android TV ecosystems with several Conax technologies such as Conax Lynx to enable the new TV experience envisioned by Canal Digital. We look forward to continuing our collaboration on the new platform as new features are launched.”