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Timeline employs TSL’s audio monitoring units for OB trucks

PAM2-MK2 is now in Timeline Television's fleet of RF trucks

Timeline Television is employing TSL Products’ Precision Audio Monitoring units across its fleet of RF trucks in the UK.

The PAM-MK2 units are being used in Timeline’s RF1 and RF2 trucks which have recently been employed in the production of the Royal Wedding, UEFA Champions League final and RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The PAM2-MK2 fully supports Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. It offers an improved workflow for Timeline and monitors Dolby line timing.

“Specifically, in the Timeline trucks, the PAM2 is used to monitor contribution feeds, check a local decode and adjust the audio encoding delay to get the timing in spec. With its Dolby decoding option, the PAM2 is a great tool for contribution monitoring,” said Lee Wright, senior broadcast engineer, Timeline Television. 

“The Royal Wedding was an outright success for Timeline. We were providing eight RF cameras for the BBC (three in UHD HDR and five in HD) and the outgoing domestic and international links, so we were responsible for delivery to an estimated 1.9 billion people. RF2’s PAM2 was vital in ensuring that all audio passing through RF2 was correct.”