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Tencent, Mirriad deploy AI-enabled product placement

Allows advertisers to integrate their branding directly into existing content

China’s largest video platform Tencent Video has employed the services of British AI company Mirriad to retroactively insert product placement into old films and TV series.

Mirriad published a video demonstrating the insertion of promotional signage into footage; for instance if an actor is holding a cup of coffee, the technology can change it into a branded cup of coffee.

This allows advertisers to integrate their branding directly into existing content, meaning more video platforms will likely begin to adopt the new technology.

“We are excited to partner with Tencent to bring this new ad format to advertisers in China,” said Mirriad CEO Stephan Beringer. “Our ambition is to partner with the biggest broadcasters and digital platforms around the world to create new in-video inventory that helps advertisers connect with engaged audiences.”