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RTVE Spain archives with Marquis Medway

Spanish public broadcaster, RTVE Spain, has purchased Marquis Broadcast’s Medway integration solution to allow network access to its archives.

Through distributor Telefonica (TSA), Medway is being installed at RTVE’s Prado, Torrespaña and Barcelona facilities and will allow content to be restored and transferred from archives and be imported directly into the Avid Interplay editing system. The new system will also enable edited content to be exported back to the local archive for later use by RTVE’s other systems.

Features of Medway which RTVE will employ include Multi-Site Media & Metadata Integration functionality. In this Medway solution, exporting media from the archive systems (ARCA via Tedial) triggers an archive media restore for a chosen destination site. Medway then moves the content to the destination site, converts metadata from the source format for use in Avid, imports media to Avid ISIS, imports metadata to Interplay and sends progress feedback to Tedial. In addition, editors can export media from Interplay and Medway can prepare metadata for use in ARCA.

“RTVE was looking for a solution that enabled remote access to the contents of its central Historical Archive from each of its main sites on either side of Madrid,” explained Simon Fearn, product manager, Marquis Broadcast. “Previously, the archives were not connected and Medway will now be used to integrate the movement of media and metadata in and out of the AVID and other component systems.”

“The solution will also overcome the complexity of interfacing with disparate systems from Tedial and ARCA which manage the Archive and the Media and Asset Management, as well as the Avid Interplay based editing systems,” continues Fearn. “We will also supply a new ‘Medway Monitoring’ application which will allow the status of the various systems and the progress of transfers to be monitored from a single application, from a web page on local and remote sites.”