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Riedel gear supports Singapore’s celebration of 28th SEA Games

Riedel Communications' technology was used during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 28th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in Singapore in June

Riedel Communications’ technology was used during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 28th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in Singapore in June. Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system and Acrobat digital wireless intercom system were both chosen to ensure smooth communication during the ceremony, which also celebrated the republic’s 50th year of independence.

Including more than 5,000 performers and volunteers, 7,000 athletes and officials from 11 different Southeast Asian nations, and 3,000 personnel from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the SEA Games became the largest event ever held in Singapore’s National Stadium.

“The 28th SEA Games gave us the opportunity to celebrate and strengthen regional peace and friendship, and this theme was supported by a variety of innovative elements during the opening and closing ceremonies,” said Kenny Wong, technical manager for SEA Games. “Riedel’s Artist system played a central role in these productions, facilitating the extensive communications necessary to make an ambitious event a success.”

Riedel Artist keypanels were used by the console desk operators controlling lighting, sound, pyrotechnics, projection, and multimedia to provide cues throughout the ceremonies. Operators were able to talk to their technicians either via dual channel wired beltpacks or via dual-channel wireless beltpacks enabled by Riedel’s Acrobat wireless intercom system. Both systems provide direct full-duplex audio.

Three FM transmitters and 3,000 receivers were used to guide both performers and props operators. The feed contained program audio to keep the dancers synchronised, regardless of their position on the field and distance from the loudspeakers mounted in the stadium roof, and provided relevant show and technical cues.

The 40-channel, 300-radio system supplied by Riedel was used by all contractors, as well as the committee responsible for the ceremonies. Because 32 channels were connected to the Artist matrix system and available via keypanels, individual channels could be dedicated to technical areas including lighting, audio, automation, sound, and props, as well as the torch relay. The system also provided backup for the wired system used by follow spot operators.

“The ceremonies for the 28th SEA Games included thousands of performers, 50 aerial props, and other creative elements that made for a very engaging and also very complex production,” said Thomas Domin, project manager for global events at Riedel Communications. “This is just the type of environment in which our Artist and Acrobat systems shine, ensuring flexible, clear, and reliable communications.”