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Red Bee provides Irish Sign Language services to RTÉ

Hopes to create ISL qualification for translators

Red Bee has begun providing Irish Sign Language (ISL) services for RTÉ, producing around 200 hours of ISL-translated material each year.

Red Bee said it hopes to create an ISL qualification for translators with the Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (CISLI) and is collaborating with RTÉ and Trinity College Dublin to create a training programme.

The company was chosen by RTÉ as an ISL provider earlier this year and is now delivering their services to RTÉ with reduced turnaround times through its file-based workflows, with a dedicated studio and interpretation team.

“As a national public service broadcaster we have a responsibility to provide quality programming in as inclusive a way as possible, and with a focus on quality and efficiency,” said Kevin Burns, head of RTÉ Learn and Access. “Red Bee and RTÉ can now provide more up-to-date access programming to audiences.”

“With increasing regulations and higher audience demands on more frequent and qualitative translations, sign language services for broadcast media is a growing field,” added Lesley McGilp, general manager, Sign Language Translation, Access Services at Red Bee. “We are proud to be a part of giving ISL speakers the opportunity to enjoy quality programming from RTÉ and it is very exciting to be a part of working towards a qualification program for Irish interpreters and Deaf translators.”