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Putting on a light show at BVE

LED lighting technology dominates the latest lighting line ups from Thelight, Gekko Technology and Litepanels at BVE 2011 in London next week (15-17 February).

Octica sees The Light

Octica Professional has been chosen as exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland for Thelight’s new advanced LED lighting systems.

Thelight’s LED lighting is claimed to offer “absolute lighting control over colour temperature, light intensity and beam direction”.

It is available in three formats for both studio and location use, with each model being slim, lightweight, compact and rugged, using ultra-high-output, long-life, low power consumption LEDs that are claimed to give “superior lighting and accurate colour temperature control compared to panel type LED lighting systems.”

They use a combination of optical, electronic and thermo-mechanical engineering coupled with direct input from the LED manufacturer, to make lighting easier and faster to set up, with no need for correction gels due to the patented digital variable colour temperature control, dimmer and green/magenta bias. An articulated structure enables instant focusing or flooding of the light beam while the LEDs are supported by specially designed Fresnel lenses that focus and blend the LED beams to deliver a “soft but fully directional light”.

The control unit allows digital adjustments of colour temperature calibrated in 100K increments from 2800K to 8500K while light intensity remains constant, stable digital dimming is calibrated in half stop increments.

The initial three-model line up can deliver a high light output: with 10,000, 9,000 or 5,500 Lux at one metre. – Stand: H-27

Gekko unveils colourful display

Gekko Technology is showing the latest additions to its lighting range at BVE, including the kezia 200-E colour tunable hard-source, the kezia 200F white-optimised LED hard source, and karesslite 6006-DD high output soft light.

The kezia 200-E gives dynamic control of colour output without the need for gel. Based on Gekko’s award-winning kleer-colour LED multi-chip array, it combines high quality output, long component life, creative versatility, low power consumption and minimal heat generation. Users can generate colour effects that are consistent from lamp to lamp, thanks to the closed-feedback loop that constantly monitors and corrects the light temperature. Controllable via DMX or an optional rear panel, the kezia 200-E can be adjusted manually or remotely to produce millions of colours.

Drawing less than 200 Watts of power, the kezia 200-E has an output roughly equivalent to a 1kW tungsten fixture.

The kezia 200F is a white-optimised LED spot lamp, with presets for of 2900, 3200, 4300, 5600 and 6500K via DMX or optional rear panel. Colour temperature remains constant when the light is dimmed, as ambient conditions change or as the unit ages.

Interchangeable optics provide beam angles of 20º, 40º or 60º. Output intensity is 8300 Lux at 1m, 1900 Lux at 2m and 900 Lux and 3m.

The new karesslite 6006-DD high-brightness soft light (pictured) has twice the number of emitters and hence twice the brightness of the standard karesslite 6006. Available in daylight (5600K) and tungsten (3200K) versions, it incorporates a 6×12 emitter format in a 300x300mm panel with a front-to-back depth of 165mm and a weight of 4.8kg including diffuser.

It delivers the same 2600 Lux at 1m brightness as the 600×300 mm karess 6012 and can be used as a key light (with louvre) or fill, with consistent colour through the dimming range.

Power consumption is 85W, allowing more than 90 minutes of continuous operation from a single rear-mountable V-Lock battery. Power can also be derived from a 12 to 40v DC feed via an XLR 4 connector, or from a mains supply. It has on-board dimming and integrated DMX. – Stand H-40

Sola ENG LED Fresnel lights ship

Litepanels’ Sola ENG LED Fresnel light (pictured) is now shipping. Offering beam control of 10° to 70°, the daylight-balanced Sola range provide the controllability and single-shadow properties inherent in a Fresnel light, but utilize a fraction of the power of conventional fixtures. Employing a proprietary 7.62cm lens, it draws 30 Watts but produces light output equivalent to a 250W tungsten fixture.

It boasts instant dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable colour shift, and provides manual focus and dimming control via a camera lens-style control. Output is flicker-free and remains consistent as the battery voltage goes down. Designed for on-camera and off-camera mounting, the Sola ENG is only 102x102x127mm in size and weighs 280g.

The larger Sola6 provides output equivalent to a 650W Tungsten Fresnel while drawing 75W. Electronic dimming and motorised mechanical focus are completely controllable either by using the manual dials, touchscreen or DMX.
Also on show is the recent MicroPro Hybrid for HD DSLR cameras, which offers continuous output and flash functions, and Litepanels’ range of LED 1×1 panels. – Stand I-30