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Production company goes full tilt into motion control tech

Bites Production Hub has launched TILT, a new tech division which is set to enable filmmakers to carry out "precise, high-speed, repeatable shots"

Bites Production Hub has launched a new technology service company, TILT, which will focus on motion control, high-speed filming, and camera rental, “bringing the most advanced technologies and solutions to film and advertising”.

The technical rental company has motion control inventory including four robotic arms, 18 metres of track, model movers, high-speed cameras, and a wide selection of camera and video equipment. The company stated that TILT will explore the potential of virtual production, with its robots and operators having already been used by directors such as Henry Scholfield, Ruben Latre, The Sacred Egg, Jorrit Stollman, and Ronald Koetzier.

“TILT’s establishment was motivated by a desire to push the boundaries of visual media by bringing advanced technologies and solutions to film and advertising,” said Dominik Orpel, general manager at TILT. “We are proud to have a team of exceptional specialists considered among the best in Europe. With their expertise, TILT aims to lead the industry in motion control and deliver innovative solutions to our customers.”

Jakub Laskus, founder of Bites Production Hub, added, “The development of Bites. has led to its formation as a production hub, combining the competencies of various brands under one umbrella. This comprehensive approach represents our core business in food and beauty productions. The foundation of TILT demonstrates our commitment to expanding our services and embracing cutting-edge technology in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients.”