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Production boom helps generate record revenues for Bristol

Among the TV shows shot in the city during 2021-22 is the upcoming Doctor Who special, The Power of the Doctor

The city of Bristol saw record-breaking revenues generated by TV and film production during 2021-22.

According to the Bristol Film Office, the city generated an estimated £20.8 million from TV and film production in 2021-22, a 22 per cent increase on pre-pandemic figures and the largest contribution that filming-related activity has made towards Bristol’s economy in a decade.

TV shows shot in the city during 2021-22 include the BBC’s Am I Being Unreasonable? and the upcoming Doctor Who special, The Power of the Doctor, Channel 4’s The Undeclared War, and Sky’s The Lazarus Project.

The amount of filming that took place in the city increased by 10 per cent, with 1,067 filming days carried out at the Bristol City Council-owned Bottle Yard Studios and/or on location.

A total of 709 licenses were issued by Bristol Film Office, permitting filming to take place on Council-owned streets, properties and green spaces.

Senior film manager Laura Aviles (Bristol City Council), who oversees Bristol Film Office and The Bottle Yard Studios, said: “These figures paint an extremely healthy picture for Bristol’s thriving film and TV sector. £20.8 million is the highest economic contribution generated by film and High-End TV production that we’ve seen in a decade, since the BBC took the decision to move Casualty’s production to Cardiff in 2011.”