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Bottle Yard Studios’ expansion to be powered by 1MWp solar array

TBY2 is due to open in September

Bristol-based Bottle Yard Studios’ new £12 million expansion will be powered by a 1MWp solar array made up of over 2000 solar panels.

The new facility, which is based around half a mile from the main base, was originally going to include a 283kWp solar array on the roof of the building.

However, following funding from Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC) the final scheme will now be over three-times larger than planned.

Will Houghton from BEC who been involved in the project development of TBY2 said: “Solar arrays are often designed to cover just a small part of a roof, to reduce costs. But we’re in a climate crisis, and in order to meet Bristol’s climate goals we‘re aiming much higher than that.

“The Bottle Yard Studios is a massive site, with loads of opportunity for energy generation and CO2 reduction. So for this project we were determined to make full use of the available roof space”.

TBY2 will include fully sound insulated and acoustically treated stages offering 20,000 sq ft, 16,500 sq ft and 7,000 sq ft of clear span build space with maximum heights of 34ft.