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NEP Europe, Grass Valley team up for a year of live sport

NEP Europe's portfolio now includes over 500 native 4K Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras

NEP Europe has added a range of Grass Valley live IP products in preparation for a year of live sporting events.

The company acquired around 60 Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras, featuring built-in DirectIP capability developed in conjunction with NEP.

The technology allows NEP to send only the camera heads to a given location, enabling all other camera and production control to take place off-site.

This latest purchase takes NEP Europe’s portfolio to over 500 native 4K Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras.

NEP Europe also purchased 30 RefleX SuperXpander Kit lens adapters, which convert handheld cameras into a studio/field production system.

In addition, NEP Europe added a number of LDX C86N compact cameras and Grass Valley switchers, including the 6 M/E Kahuna 9600 with Maverik control panel and the Kula 3 M/E switcher.

These switchers feature FormatFusion technology with multi-format conversion capabilities.

“2020 is set to be a huge year for live sporting and entertainment events around the world,” said NEP Europe president Paul Henriksen. “We’re excited about the opportunity to help clients deliver innovative live productions that bring consumers closer to the action, wherever they are and on any device.

“Drawing on our long-established relationship with Grass Valley, and the close collaboration with its R&D team, allows us to leverage best-in-class solutions that are a perfect fit. Grass Valley understands our business model and is unrivalled when it comes to delivering the support that we, and our clients, demand.”

“We’re delighted to be working with NEP once again and proud to be the clear choice when it comes to supplying live IP production solutions,” added Grass Valley live production VP Mark Hilton. “As NEP readies itself for a demanding year of exciting sports and live content, we very much look forward to working alongside the company in the thick of the action.”